Uttoxeter Dental Practice would like to thank you for your understanding and patience during the coronavirus pandemic when we were unable to treat patients face to face.

As from Monday 8th June 2020 NHS England has allowed dental practices to return to treating patients face to face however we are restricted to which treatments we can perform without appropriate PPE and surgery down times.

The volume of patients we treat daily has had to be reduced significantly going from possibly thirty a day per surgery to just twelve, with limited dentists working at the practice at the same time. This will allow a down time after treating each patient.

Any procedure using an aerosol (ultra-sonic scaling, fillings, crowns etc) will have to have a down time of one hour where the surgery has to be left to ”settle” then after this period re entered and cleaned from top to bottom.

We also need the appropriate PPE for the aerosol procedures similar to a hospital setting. The PPE is slowly becoming available as during the height of the pandemic it was being sent straight to the hospitals.

We need to allocate time for these treatments to make sure we are performing them safely for yourself and our staff. Therefore, at the present time the only option we have is to re- arrange routine appointments so we can create time for outstanding treatments and to treat people who have had problems during the pandemic.

Thank you so much again for your understanding throughout this unprecedented period.